Wedding Venues With The Best Views Of Downtown Columbus

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Where To Get The Best Views Of Downtown Columbus For Your Wedding Reception

Columbus does have some great wedding venues.  But that list narrows if you are specifically looking for a venue with a great view of downtown.  Luckily you have found THE list with just that information.

If you want more information on these venue, you can access that by clicking on the name of the venue!


1) The Boat House
Most of the ballrooms have views of downtown to go with very tall glass windows. But the real bonus is the porch on the back.  When the weather is nice you can't beat this. Imagine hosting an after hour party on a nice cool summer night on that porch. And you can even have your ceremony on the back porch!

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Its right across the Scioto River from downtown, so yeah it has a great view. COSI also has some rooms that have the great view. You can have your ceremony outside, or they have an awesome balcony too. 

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3) Smith Brothers
This wedding venue gives you a totally different look from most of the others on this list.  Located on the north side of downtown this offers a unique perspective of the city skyline.



4) Sheraton On Capital Square
This one might be a surprise. While the ballroom doesn't have a view, there is a small patio located on the 20th floor with an AWESOME view of the capital square. You can't have your reception up there, but the view is totally different as you are looking down on the state house and the capital square area.



5) Ivory Room
This room gives you a great look at the Scioto River bank as it crawls along next to the downtown area. The large glass windows in the venue really makes the city view a focal point at all receptions. 

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6) North Bank Pavillion
Very similar to The Boat House because they are pretty close to each other. This venue is controlled by the Columbus City Park Department, and it has a large open area with incredible views. You can also have your reception outside.