How To Spot A Cheesy Wedding DJ Before You Book Them

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And you can do this simply by LOOKING AT THEIR WEBSITE … if you know what to look for.

So we figure that you are probably just starting to look for the entertainment for your wedding reception. It can be tough because so many DJ websites say the same thing and promise you a great reception.


But if you’ve been to a few receptions, you’ve probably seen a bad wedding DJ and you know the impact that this can have on a reception.

One of my biggest pet peeves are cheesy wedding DJs. I hate them. I think they ruin wedding receptions. And I see them quite often at in rooms of other receptions.

So we are going to tell you what to look for when shopping for entertainment so that you DO NOT hire one for your reception.

There’s the easiest way to do this - just look at their website picture or videos. But you have to know WHAT to look for, and that’s what we are going to tell you.

So go ahead, look at any DJs website, and if you see the any of the following, in pictures of videos, just think twice before reaching out to them.

1) Cheesy DJ Lighting

This one is the biggest thing to look for, and its also the hardest to spot without KNOWING what to look for! That’s where we come in….

Worst DJ Light Show Ever (2).jpg

DJs seem to be really proud of cheesy dance floor lighting. They show pictures of VERY messy set up, which looks TERRIBLE at a classy wedding reception.

But the worst part is when they actually turn ON these lights. These lighting fixtures makes for some really bad pictures of the reception. When you want pictures of your fun reception….instead you get pictures that look like this!

I see this all the time on various websites, and even on the wedding TV shows. You will see a bride with a stunningly beautiful wedding dress having her first dance, and then you will see these red and / or green laser dots all of the dress.

Photographers really don’t like these - they usually prefer when the couple avoids the “person-who-is-about-to-be-assassinated” look that these fixtures give.

2) Pictures that are NOT from a wedding reception

I’m honestly surprised when I look at other wedding DJ’s websites and I see pictures that are obviously not a wedding. I see lots of car shows, night clubs, back yard sets up, and an occasional school dances. You can even see these on wedding website like The Knot or WeddingWire. If they can’t get a few nice wedding pictures for a website you should seriously think if they really have any experience in performing wedding receptions.

3) Logos / Advertising

To be honest, we don’t see this as often as we used to. But a few years ago, it was common for SOME wedding DJs to hang a banner on the table that had their name, phone number, and website. As you can see from the pictures it was VERY tacky. But DJs still thought this was a great way to get their names out to the guests.

What I can’t still understand is WHY some wedding photographers would take a first dance picture of a bride and groom with such a ugly / tacky background. But we still would see it happen a lot back then.

4) YMCA Hats

Ok Ok … we admit it…. we used to do this one…. We would take some guests (usually the groomsmen) and hide them away for a few minutes they put on the YMCA hats. Then we would announce them to the wedding guests who would go crazy as “The Village People” danced around. The other option was to just pass the hats out to the people on the dance floor. Either way we know there are lots of weddings that have a similar picture.

But here’s the big difference. We don’t have pictures from 1999 wedding reception on our website! That’s because we don’t perform the same way that we did in 1999. In our opinion, no other DJ should do this either.

Yeah you can say this is cheesy (and you’d be right) but we still see people wearing hats from the photo booth out on the dance floor….Maybe this trend of wearing hats will come back around? We really hope not!

5) Line Dances

Watching video is often a great way to preview your DJ. But pay attention to what you are seeing. Are you seeing only video people doing a line dance? Its usually a short clip of a few of the wedding guests doing the Cha Cha Slide, or something like that, and the rest of the dance floor is EMPTY!

Our Top 10 Most CHEESY Wedding Songs

So we admit that one person's cheesy song is another person's PARTY JAM! But most of these songs don't need any real explanation and we've included some smart ass comments for your enjoyment.

#10 Love Shack - The B52s
The "Celebration" song for the 1990s

#9 Happy - Pharrell Williams
Believe it or not, we aren't complete sick of this song

#8 Dancing Queen - Abba
The first on many disco era songs that could have made this list

#7 I Gotta Feeling
We had to put a more current song somewhere on this list

#6 Electric Slide - M Griffins
Could be any line dance song

#5 YMCA - The Village People
See our comments on this song

#4 Celebration - Kook & The Gang
You know you're at a wedding reception when you hear this drivel...

#3 The Macarena - Los del Rio
Thankfully, requests for this song are getting less frequent

#2 Hokey Poker - Ray Anthony

#1 The Chicken Dance - Who cares
This was an EASY #1 for our list

If you can’t see pictures or videos without seeing line dances, maybe that’s the only thing that this DJ can do to get guests on a dance floor at a wedding reception?

We hope you find useful information in the post, and it helps you find great entertainment for your reception. If that wasn’t enough, as a bonus we are including a list of cheesy wedding songs for you! We really do like to help people when it comes to all the dificulties in wedding planning.


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