THANK YOU in advance FOR YOUR opinion & TIME!

I am thinking of making a new purchase and I would like to have your insight on it, either as a past client or a fellow wedding/corporate/mitzvah vendor.  I saw them in Vegas, and I know a few other DJs that have purchased them already.

Please watch the video below.  Fast forward past the first 20 seconds. An explanation of them is below the video!

These are NON-flammable. They generate NO heat.  You can place your hand over them, or even a piece of paper and nothing will happen.  They can run for 2 minutes at a time, and you can vary the heights of the sparks. You can re-fill them during the event so they can be used for more than just one time.

I am thinking they would make for great entrances, exits, or first dances.  We could rent them to photographers for REALLY cool night photo shoots. We could use them at school dances, bar / bat mitzvahs, and of course weddings. 

Now for the bad news.  They are quite expensive - $1500 per fixture plus the remote control and the product.  Do you think we could rent them out in Central Ohio for $500 for a pair?  Do you think that people will pay that amount for a short term (but REALLY cool) effect?

So here's the bottom line.  What do you think of them? What problems would we have with them? If you are a venue, would you allow this to be used in your venue?

You can email me back, or use the form below.  THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!

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