Thank you for inquiring about Buckeye Sounds for your wedding reception. We know that in the early planning stages knowing a price range can be VERY helpful.

Pricing for wedding entertainment does vary significantly from one company to another, like anything you would purchase. Whether you're buying new shoes, a new dress or a new watch, you'll purchase what feels and looks great but the prices will fluctuate from one extreme to the other.

We realize most companies offer similarly titled offerings, such as lighting and photo booths, but if you do some homework, you will soon discover that there is a huge difference.  The costs for all these services, and experiences will vary from company to company, based on the quality, talent and the technology invested into each presentation.

Expect More At Your Reception! You Deserve It!

Buckeye Sounds Wants To Give You & Your Guests The BEST RECEPTION EVER!

Of all the decisions I made for my day and all the expenses I had, this was the one most worth it. If you are still looking for a DJ, you absolutely have to go with these guys.

Millie T. - Reception At Hilton Polaris

Unlike most other wedding DJs, we don’t offer a "one package fits all". We despise generic wedding receptions.

Buckeye Sounds offers a range of services and all of our pricing is customized to your vision, dreams, and of course budget. Some of our brides and grooms want decor lighting, ceremony systems, and/or photo booths, while others do not. 

So we will start off with our DJ services, and then give some pricing on some of our more popular options for weddings.

Sound good? Just scroll down to see the info. Then at the bottom if you’d like you can set up a meeting with us too!


Wedding DJ Services:


Buckeye Sounds will usually only perform two weddings on any given day. We are not looking to 10+ weddings in one evening like some other DJ companies. We prefer to focus our attention on couples that we are working with.

All of our DJ packages include the following

  • Set up and tear down time

  • A detailed planning meeting either at our office, on the phone, or video chat

  • A VERY experienced professional DJ - Rod, Aaron, or Mike

  • A non cheesy dance floor lighting that will actually enhance your guests to dance

  • Full range sound system that will make your music sound better

HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE: A GREAT WEDDING DJ CAN MAKE YOUR RECEPTION MORE FUN! If you haven’t done so yet, please check out our reviews on WeddingWire and The Knot.

In 2018 the large majority of our receptions ranged from $1195 to $1495.
The main difference in pricing was how many guests were attending which requires more gear to be brought out.
We do offer smaller and even larger packages if you are in need of something unique.

Wedding Ceremony Sound

We believe that the ceremony is most important part of the day! More and more couples are having their ceremony at their reception venue. But most couples do not think about how their guests will be able to hear the vows.


Lets just say that most other DJs will simply hand your officiant their own personal microphone. Most of the times that is not going to let your guests hear the vows - we’ve seen it happen too many times before.

All of our wedding ceremony systems include the following

  • Special microphones for the couple and their officiants that will be hidden on their bodies. So there aren’t any large microphones in their faces when they are talking and makes your pictures look better.

  • An extra handheld microphone with a stand for any readings by one of your guests.

  • All the music for your ceremony of course.

  • Most importantly, if you have a videographer we can supply them a direct feed for the best quality audio for them to use.

The price for the wedding ceremony system is $350 which includes one hour of time.

Decor Lighting


We love being DJs for sure, but we really like decor lighting because of how different it can make a room look. The difference between decor lighting and dance floor lighting is where the lighting is focused on. So the dance floor lighting is only on the dance floor and tends to be much more active depending on the song played. While decor lighting is usually on the walls and features of the room.

We offer two different aspects of decor lighting.

  • Custom monograms. We can put the couple’s name up on the wall, or on the dance floor. This makes for really nice pictures and also a focal point for the entire reception

  • Uplighting. This can totally change the look of your room! Buckeye Sounds offers the latest technology for this. Our fixtures are battery powered and can be controlled wireless. So your guests could come into the ballroom with a nice soft white, and then for introductions we could completely change it to a different color. There are so many different things that we can do for you!

The price for the monogram is $250.
The uplighting is $40 a fixture and will depend on the room size and desired effect.

Photo Booths:

There are lots of photo booths available but we do really offer you something different. In fact we can offer you several different versions.

  • Photo Roamer. Our newest addition. Instead of having a large ugly booth in the corner of the room, this photo booth is 100% mobile. You can have pictures for the cocktail hour, on the dance floor, or even in the parking lot if you want LOL. You can see the custom photo frames that we create for each event, and how they are using hashtags for their reception. The pictures are immediately texted to your guests. It includes a personalized text message from you as well as several social media links.

  • Traditional photo booth. If you are tired of seeing the usual strips we can print 4x6 pictures - which is our most popular option. The pictures can also be texted to your guest for use on social media sites. We also supply high quality props, not just flimsy paper props, but props that your guests will want to use and stand out in the pictures. These pictures can be printed or sent via text messages.

Our Photo Roamer is $695 for up to 5 hours.
Our traditional photo booth is $795 for up to 5 hours.

Cool Extras:


If you are looking for something different, something better than what you’ve seen at every other receptions you’ve attended, Buckeye Sounds offers a few unique items.

  • LOVE Letters. These large white neon lighted letters are often the focal point of the room. They can be placed in front of the head table. Or on the edge of the dance floor. What we are finding many times is that it becomes a really cool IG station for the guests to use.

  • Multi Media. One of our most popular options because we can do so many great things with it. We bring out two large LED TVs and set them up so everyone can see them (that’s the key). On the screen we can do a memory video, show pictures of bride growing up while the father/daughter dance is playing, and even show pictures from our photo booth. And thats just a few of the things that we can do. Multi media is going to be the next big trend for weddings because it ties in so well to what today’s couples want to have done at their receptions.

Our LOVE Letters rent the entire evening for $395.
The Multi Media starts at $700 for the two screens.


Because we value your time, we’ve got two options for you. Option 1: You can set up a meeting with us, or Option 2 you can simply have us send you a proposal! We usually suggest the meeting because it allows us to get a better idea of what you are wanting us to create for your reception.

Also please note that we are usually busy working parties on Saturdays, so that day of the week is not available. But if that is the only day of the week you can meet, please call or email us because we might be able to meet with you in the late morning.


Option #1 Meet With Us:

Can wedding planning actually be fun? Sure it can. Our meetings are very informal and will give you some great advice. The meetings are usually about one hour and are at our office located in Gahanna just off I-270.

Option #2 Send Me A Custom Quote:

While we typically prefer to meet with people, we know that getting the time to do a meeting can be a hassle. So we do offer to send you a customized quote. Please fill out the form below and we can usually get one back to you in a few hours. Please note that the more information you can give us, the better the quote(s) that we will send to you!


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