We just finished our first really busy prom weekend for 2019….and we are already starting to book school dances for the next school year!

Contact us today to secure your school’s dances.

Here are the dates that we expect to be REALLY busy!

Homecoming Dates: Sept 28, Oct 5, Oct 12, and Oct 19th.

Prom 2020 Dates: April 25, May 2, and May 9.

We have already booked a homecoming for September 14th and a prom for April 25th.

Contact us TODAY!


Buckeye Sounds knows school dances, from the smallest to the very biggest.  We know what you want for your next dance!

Scroll down just a little bit and watch some of our videos to see what we can do for YOUR next dance.

  • Sounds systems, big enough for any sized school dance. With killer bass.

  • Incredible light shows.

  • Real DJs.

  • The most incredible options for your school dance. Cool Burst. Video Screens. Photo Booths. Green Screen. Black lights.

This just isn't a job for us....its our passion.

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want to take your dance to the next level?
Look at these short videos to see what we offer

Click on these short videos (we took off the sound so you don’t get in trouble if you view them in class) to get a quick idea of some of the fun ways we can make your next school dance better for your school and the students. Then call, email or use the short form on this page to find out more, or to arrange an appointment to discuss your next dance. 614.342.0025


Huge Sound & Light Shows

Want to see a 'behind the scenes' of a huge school dance set up? See how different Buckeye Sounds dances can be when compared to other DJs. This video will show you a large sound, lighting, and video set up for a big dance. Buckeye Sounds wants to bring this out to your school!  

The Lighted Dance Boxes

These are the hottest spot on the dance floor! The students will enjoy showing off their moves while the boxes change color / designs along with the music. VERY limited availability so contact us today to reserve them for your dance! 

The Cool Burst

This is Buckeye Sounds' most popular option for great school dances. Once you have this at your dance, you will want it every time! We shoot out a Cool Burst onto the dance floor. Its odorless and doesn't use smoke, but it completely cover the dance floor and lowers the room temperature for a few seconds. 

Video Screens For Your Dance

From large video screens to our new LED TV set, Buckeye Sounds has done multi-media at our school dances for a long time. But today's technology makes it even better!  Our newest option is showing Instagram photos from your event. If you have our photo booth we can put those pictures / videos on the screen. Of course we can still do music videos and live action cameras. 

Giant LED Curtain

This large black curtain has hundreds of little LED lights in it that we can then control to make pictures, objects, and even text! Put your dance theme up.  Or a special hashtag for your dance. We can even do some animations to fit your theme.

And This Is How Your Next Dance Can Look Like When EVERYTHING Comes Together!