Jen & Jeff's Wedding Reception At The Hilton Easton

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The 2015 Wedding Reception At The Hilton Easton

As you read out blogs you will see that we really do love the couples that we get to work with. Jen & Jeff are a prefect display of why this happens - they’re just a great couple.

We started with a really fun introduction of the wedding party to “All Night” by Icona Pop. Many times we tell couples that having a fun introduction can go a long way to setting the tone for the rest of the reception, and it was really true in this case.

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So then it was time for the bride and groom to enter. And they had each other’s faces printed out so that they could wear them sort as ‘masks’ as they came running into the ballroom. Huge laughs and cheering!

Then it was time for the father of bride to say a few words of welcome to the guests. In the middle of his speech the wedding party displayed large cards with different messages - sort of as a visual aid to his speech. Very different and fun for the guests.

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Jeff & Jen did a great job of picking songs for their guests to dance to. We played everything The Outfield to Pitbull to Missy Elliott. All these fanstatic song selections resulted in one great celebration. Their family and friends were almost from the start of the dancing till the last song of the night.  We wish all receptions could be this fun!

The ballroom looked incredible with the decor lighting.  We had the lights set to a beautiful dark blue for most of the evening. The guests really enjoyed our photo booth and the party props that was located in the corner of the ballroom.

Congrats to Jeff & Jen.  Thanks for having us at your reception. We are sure you will have many years of happiness together.

2015 Hilton Easton Wedding

First Dance Song: "X O" - John Meyer
Father-Daughter Song: "Never Alone" - Jim Brickman
Mother-Son Song: "Mother's Song" - T. Carter