Dannyle & Matt's Greek Orthodox Catherdral Wedding


Greek Orthodox Wedding Reception

There are three things that stick out to me when I think about this reception.  The wedding party and their introductions. The toasts.  And the celebration!

This reception was at the Greek Orthodox on High Street which is just a great place to have a reception. It was a beautiful day and the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour outside.

Once the guest came into the ballroom we got to do the fun introductions. Each member of the wedding party came into the ballroom in a very unique and fun way.  The guests seemed to feed off of this and yelled loud with every new couple, which just made the wedding party act up even more.  This was one of the best introductions we have seen this year.

So the reception got off to a great start.  But there was more... A LOT MORE!

Dannelle Wedd-14.JPG

Dannyle's father gave an awesome toast to the bride and groom.  Many times we as DJs see loving toasts given by the father of the bride.  But this toast had to be one of the best. It was heart-felt and funny, and was enjoyed be everyone.

Then came the party. We always have our couples pick out most of the music that we play at a reception, and most of the times they do a really good job because they know their family and friends.

But the job that this couple did was over the top, dead on accurate. The guests were on the dance floor the entire evening.  I couldn't tell you which song went over the best because there were so many!


Photos supplied by AZAR Photography.  They took some incredible pictures of the bride groom all day!