Christina & Kyle's "Hook Em Horns" And "On Wisconsin" Wedding


Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center Wedding Reception

Christina and Kyle had just about the perfect fall wedding reception. The weather was wonderful, they looked so good together, and best of all - they had a GREAT party!

So I am sure that many readers are wondering how a Texas Longhorn and a Wisconsin Badger can get married in Columbus Ohio. Kyle grew up here but went on to swim at the University of Texas. Christina got her degree at Wisconsin.

We tell our couples that a great reception is made up of lots of special moments. This reception was easy because there were so many of those moments. It helps when you have a crowd that wants to dance and sing all night too.


So we had to do music for both of the colleges for Kyle and Christina. Of course the Badgers got "Jump Around". We did "The Eyes Of Texas" for all the Longhorns who made the trip. This was a great picture of the the UT grads singing it as loud as they could on the dance floor.


Kyle surprised his mom with a special song for the Groom-Mother dance. It was a song from a group that her brother used to listed to all the time when they were growing up. And it since it was "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys, it was a perfect fit for this dance. This meant so much to Kyle's mom, and everyone that saw it...

The end of the night was really special. We had all of the family and friends come out to the dance floor where they encircled the bride and groom and sang "All You Need Is Love" to our newly weds. An incredible way to end a wonderful reception.

Buckeye Sounds did some really special things for this reception. We supplied a photo booth that was a big hit with the guests. LED TVs were by the dance floor. This allowed us to do music videos, the picture from the photo booth, and the we even showed pictures of UT and UW campus at the needed times. Its just better when we can tie everything in together to create a great reception!

Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center Wedding

First Dance Song - "Tupelo Honey"
Father-Daughter Song - "Home Sweet Home"
Groom-Mom Song - "God Only Knows"
Last Song Of The Night - "All You Need Is Love"