Wedding Ceremony Sound Systems

Your Wedding Ceremony Is VERY Important
And Your Guests Should Be Able To Hear It!

We understand that most couples don't really consider the importance of having a high quality sound system for their wedding ceremony!

But consider this for a probably won't be saying your vows with enough volume (shouting?) for your guests to hear you. Lets be honest, you will be lucky to get the words out of your mouth LOL.

Most DJs will simply supply you their handheld microphone for your ceremony. We don't want to bore you with technical details, but simply will not work well in most situations.

Buckeye Sounds offers highly specialized lavalier microphones. These microphones remain hidden from the guest's view, but still allow your guests to hear your vows!

And yes of course we have all the music you will want to hear for your ceremony from classical, to traditional ceremony songs, to today's latest songs!

Talk to us about how we can make your ceremony better! Being able to easily hear your vows is just the start!


We put a LOT of thought into our ceremony, and it was a relief to know that we wouldn't have to worry one bit about the audio. All our guests were able to hear our vows which was very important to us.

Mirand H. - Reception At Hilton Easton