Buckeye Sounds loves decor lighting because it can completely change the look of your reception!

We offer the very latest in lighting technology which means we have complete control of our fixtures. Picture your room with a nice soft white color, but then instantly changing to your favorite color for your introduction. We can create a slow fade of colors during dinner to a high energy look during the party. The possibilities are almost endless!

We offer different types of decor lighting for your reception! Take a look at what we offer and let us know if you'd like to add some to your reception.  

I also trusted their decision on the decor lighting for the room and when I walked in, I was blown away. It was beautiful! Truly the best service you can get.

Anna - August, 2015


Uplight Fixtures

Make your room YOUR color!

Buckeye Sounds offers the newest technology for decor lighting. We have battery powered light fixtures that we can completely control! Imagine your guests walking into a nice soft white, but as you are introduced the room changes to a beautiful amber.


Table Lighting

We can use the same fixtures to light up your tables. We can light the head table, or your cake table, or ALL the tables in your room. And of course they can change colors at various points in the evening.




Currently our most popular decor lighting fixtures because its so unique, and creates great first dance pictures. This lighting effect can be on the dance floor or on the wall. We can also now add motion into your monogram for a better effect!

Pin Spotting

Want to show off your center pieces? What about your beautiful wedding cake? We hang small but powerful battery powered lights from the ceiling and point them to your highlights. This really makes them stand out in almost any room.