Stage Diving Reception In Cincinnati



Buckeye Sounds was asked to DJ a wedding reception in Cincinnati for Catherine & Ryan. What really caught our interest was how many people they were expecting at their reception. We don't do too many receptions in Cincinnati so we were happy when they decided to book us.

Cincinnati Music Hall Wedding

First Dance Song:
"A Face To Call Home" - John Mayer

Father-Daughter Song:
"Let It Be" - The Beatles

Groom-Mother Song:
"Hank" - Ben Rector

But we had NO IDEA this reception was going to set records for us.  What Buckeye Sounds record was set at this reception?

The number of people stage diving / crowd surfing at a wedding reception.

Oh yeah we also got BOOED from their guests - but for a good thing.

So as we stated earlier, this was one of the largest receptions we've ever had the pleasure of entertaining.  There were probably 350 guests.  The location was the beautiful Cincinnati Music Hall.  We've never played there and it was a beautiful old building that it has been recently re-modeled. The ballroom was large, beautiful, and really easy for us to load in and out which is BIG bonus!

Cincinnati-Wedding-DJ-2018-2 (2).png

Catherine & Ryan are the classic 'high school sweethearts' that eventually get married.  They came running into the ballroom under a tunnel formed by their wedding party and went right into their first dance of "A Face To Call Home".  But there were more surprises planned...


When you are feeding this large number of guests, you sometimes have to do more than a usual dinner. Catherine & Ryan had a donut wall that was a big hit with their guests. Once the first brave person took a donut, there was a huge line of people waiting for them.  We've only seen this a few times before and think its a very unique way to display snacks for the guests. They were very tasty.  And for a late night snack, Bearcat Pizza was brought.

So why did we get booed?  Well the photographer took the bride and groom out for some sunset photos. While this was happening, I was playing some upbeat dinner music ('Take On Me' by A-Ha was one of their requests), but not really trying to fill the dance floor because we still had the toasts and cake cuttings to take place.

But this crowd didn't care about that.  They were in a mood to celebrate so people started dancing.  They weren't too happy when I had to ask them to get off the dance floor and take their seats so that we could do the toasts.  So they booed me LOL.  But I didn't mind it at all because I knew it was going to be a big dance party when we opened the dance floor for real.  I couldn't wait! 

The family and friends did not disappoint at all.  There was a very large dance floor and I think it was full the entire night.  Everything seemed to work.  Oldies.  90's.  Hip Hop.  It makes my job a lot easier!

So let's talk about the stage diving / crowd surfers. This was easy to accomplish because we were set up on a stage in front of a huge dance floor.  With so many people on the dance floor it was easy to find lots of strong guys to catch people falling backwards off the stage. 

Since we were on the stage, we were able to get some really great action pictures.

I think that Ryan was the first one to jump off the stage. It happened pretty late in the reception but it still got a great response from all the family and friends on the dance floor.  I'm not really sure how many more people stage dived the rest of the evening. There was at least one of the wedding party to go, and at least one family member.

Shortly after Ryan jumped, you knew that Catherine was going to do the same thing! Right after the bride jumped off the stage and into the hands holding her, we made eye contact for a brief second.  I just sort of waved goodbye to her and off she went being carried by hands into the center of the dance floor.  That will be a moment that I remember.

If all wedding receptions in Cincinnati are this much fun.... I am going to consider moving!

I've always considered myself lucky because I love what I do for a living.  But you know what is REALLY special, when you get a message from the bride and groom while on their honeymoon leaving you this message!

Ryan and I cannot thank you enough!!!! Saturday was AMAZING!!! You have no idea how many compliments we have gotten on that being "the best wedding" they have ever been to with the most hype dance floor! Thank you again for making the night amazing we are so thankful that we chose you to lead our crazy awesome dance party!!!