Hilton Downtown Columbus Wedding 2018


Stephanie & Nate's "Perfect" Reception At The Hilton Downtown Columbus

So you see that big the picture at the top of the page with a lot of people on the dance floor with the bride and groom?  That picture was taken at 10:45PM after five hours of a reception. It was shortly after this that the families decided to extend an extra thirty minutes.

Hilton Columbus Downtown Wedding

First Dance Song:
"Perfect" - Ed Sheeran

Father-Daughter Song:
"Because You Loved Me" - C. Dion

Groom-Mother Song:
"Landslide" - Fleetwood Mac

It was that good a party.

Stephanie and Nate choose to do so many different and unique things for their reception and these items helped to create the perfect wedding reception!

Lets start at the beginning and explain what happened chronologically. We love receptions at the Hilton Downtown Columbus.  We were lucky enough to be one of the first DJ wedding receptions at this venue when it first opened, and if its possible...its even better now! 

The reception begin with a cocktail hour in the large foyer outside the ballroom. Its a great spot for the cocktail hour because it allows for a large crowd, multiple bar locations and still has some seating areas for the guests.

It was into this situation that we introduced our NEW Ring Roamer Photo Station.  We had taken this item to a few corporate events before, but this was the first time we had brought it to a wedding reception and I was anxious to see how people reacted to it. In a word, the reaction was tremendous!

What is so unique about this is that the guests get the pictures texted to their phones almost as soon as the picture is taken.  We also include a short message in the text which in this case included the hashtag for the wedding.

IMG_688404 (2).JPG

We had the Ring Roamer in the foyer for the cocktail hour.  While the guests weren't too sure about it when their first saw it, it quickly became a hit as many people were waiting to try it.  They also commented how clever and unique they thought this item was. 

Because we also had a 'typical' photo booth, we used the Ring Roamer during the last hour of the reception so that we could capture some of the great party shots.  That's one of the really cool things about the Ring Roamer is that it goes anywhere and anytime.  So you can get this nice classy shots early in the evening, and then the really fun shots later in the evening!

We can't wait to bring it out to more receptions.  You can see some of the pictures that we took and were sent to the guests cellphones. If you want to see all the pictures that we took that evening please CLICK HERE 


The ballroom is already really beautiful, and you don't need too much to make it better, but the couple wanted us to bring our decor lighting.  We placed our light fixtures around the room and set them to a nice amber color for the early part of the reception. Once the dancing started, we changed the colors around to accent the celebration happening on the dance floor!

IMG_690712 (2).JPG

The most special moment at this reception happened during the 'father - daughter dance'.  Stephanie and her father started off just as its usually done.  But just about 90 seconds into the song, we invited the bride's mom to dance with HER father.  Two generations of brides getting to dance with their fathers.  Priceless and perfect!

So while almost every wedding reception has a toast or two, the maid of honor and the best man combined to make one AWESOME toast!  There was a large video screen that they had a video showing the bride and groom growing up.  It was very well done (even with a disturbing Santa Claus segment) and the crowd just loved it.

The dancing was a really nice mix of music and the crowd was very responsive.  The late 90's / early 2000's hip hop seemed to go over the best, especially later in the evening.

The photo booth was also a big hit.  Everytime I looked over there it seemed like there were people using it.  We've got pictures of the dancing and the photo booth for you to see.

The night ended with the crowd singing "Sweet Caroline" to the bride and groom.  

Just perfect.


We were very lucky to have a great group of vendors to work with!  Here's a list of the people that made our job easier!

Videographer - Columbus Wedding Videos
Photographer - Aimee Thomas Photography
Cake - Suisse Shop 
Wedding Planners - Devoted To Details