MacKenzie & Alex's Columbus Athenaeum Wedding


Wedding Ceremony and reception At The Columbus Athenaeum

This was a wonderful wedding day that had SO MANY memorable moments in it - both in the ceremony and the reception. Its just the way THE wedding day is supposed to be!

Their venue was the Columbus Athenaeum located in downtown Columbus. One of the big advantages for this venue is that they have several different rooms for both your ceremony and location. Mackenzie & Alex took advantage of this.

First they had their ceremony upstairs. It was very emotional, especially for the groom. There were lots of special touches for this ceremony. The bride's sister sang at the ceremony. They had one of their friends be the officiant, and we supplied the special ceremony microphones (so everyone could hear) and the music.

All the guests made their way down to the Olympian Ballroom for the ceremony which had accents of light pink, coral, white and green.  (They had an AWESOME sweet table too).

The biggest hit of the night was easy to choose. The bride and her father did a great choreographed dance together.

We got this heartfelt card from them a few weeks later. We can't express how much this means to us.... 

Columbus Athenaeum Wedding

First Dance Song: "Kiss Me" - Ed Sheeran
Father-Daughter Song: "Good To Be Alive" - Andy Grammer
Groom-Mom Song: "Child Of Mine" - Carol King
Last Song Of The Night: "Don't Stop Believing" - Journey