An Awesome Ohio Statehouse Wedding

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An INcredible Ohio StateHouse Wedding

Tyler and Lauren had their ceremony and reception at The Ohio Statehouse. Not only was it one of the biggest receptions we did in 2016, it was full of love, a good party, and had a very special surprise.

We started off by having their ceremony in the beautiful statehouse atrium.  We supplied the microphones for the ceremony and even did some decor lighting. But of course the stars were the bride and groom.  When Lauren descended down the stairs in her dress the moment almost magical.  The ceremony was a celebration in itself. Both of them looked just looked so happy.

As you can see in these pictures, Lauren & Tyler has huge smiles on their faces.

The cocktail hour was supposed to be outside on the statehouse lawn, but it was a little too chilly for that.  So it was moved to the basement where the guests got to enjoy our LOVE Letters.  

We love it when we can help our couples create 'that special moment'.  Those are the moments that everyone will talk about after the reception and will remember for years.  Most of the times we work with the bride and groom to create that, but this time we did it as a surprise.

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The father of the bride, Vince, wanted to sing a song at the reception. So he came to the office a few days before to practice.  The song he wanted to sing was "Thru The Eyes Of Love" made popular by Melissa Manchester. So when it came time for him to perform at the reception, we slipped him a microphone and brought a confused bride and groom to sit in the center of the ballroom.  Vince did a great job, and there was hardly a dry eye in the room.  This was easily the best moment of an incredible day.

The rest of the evening was just a giant celebration of Tyler and Lauren's love of each other, their family, and their friends.  

We love the way that the decor lighting looks at the statehouse. The large Greek Revival columns make a perfect focal point to decorate with light.  The color that was chosen really stood out, and made an already beautiful room look even better.

We have to give a special word of thanks to the coordinator at The Ohio Statehouse - Sophie.  She is a wonderful and well organized person to work with.  Without her we could not have done half of the things that we did that evening.