How To Get A Great First Dance Picture


Great Pictures Of First Dances (And How You Can Create One For Your First Dance)

Its 'the shot' that every couple wants on their wedding day - that perfect picture of the first dance.

Over the years Buckeye Sounds has done many first dance songs.  And to be fair we usually don't get to see the pictures afterwards.  But we have seen a few really stand out!

So we are going to share them with you, and then give you some insight on how YOU can create it on your wedding day.  Yes it does take a little pre-planning, but nothing over-the-top.

But first, take a look at some of the pictures that we think make an incredible statement during the first dance. They show either love/romance or fun/celebration.  It just depends on what you are looking for and what type of couple you are.

So while these pictures may be quite different, they all have some things in common that make them wonderful.  

  • You can usually see both of their faces

  • They have great smiles or romantic looks of their faces

  • They have an impressive venue/background that is shown in the pictures

  • Family and friends are often in the background looking on with interest or smiles

So lets talk about how you can create that awesome picture during YOUR first dance.

First and most important, you must have a GREAT wedding photographer. That might seem really basic, but its not always the case. You as the couple must explain to him/her exactly what you are wanting to create for this picture.  Tell them in advance!

Your photographer will then set up the picture in advance so there's nothing distracting in the background.  You don't want to see the photo booth, the DJ, or even the bar in the background of your picture.

If you want to have your guests around the dance floor, that is something that you will need to discuss with your Wedding DJ.  Then your DJ can bring the guests out before you start your first dance song. 

Here's something a bit tougher.  The two of you need to be aware of where the photographer is. You don't want to make it look staged, or ruin what should be a wonderful moment for you two. You need to strike that perfect balance so that the photographer can get you both smiling during the dance.

If you are going for a fun picture, consider ending with a big flourish.  You can then both face the photographer with big smiles on your face to have the ultimate picture.

Don't forget that a great first dance is often the catalyst for a really fun reception.