Most Popular Wedding Dates In Central Ohio


So I need to pick my

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Trying To Pick Your wedding date? Here are Central Ohio's Most Popular Wedding Dates.

There are SO many different variables to consider when planning a reception. But you MUST set a date very early in the process. So here are our picks for the most popular wedding dates in Central Ohio. 

We will take a look at both the 2019 and 2020 wedding seasons dates as that's what we are currently getting inquires for.

Lets start off with the assumption that the prime 'wedding season' is from April - October. Saturday, and especially Saturday evenings during these months are by far the most popular.


So here are the variables that make a wedding date popular in greater Columbus area.

Some dates are busier than other because they offer the chance to have really nice weather. In Central Ohio those would be in the late spring /early summer (May and June) and then in the fall (September and October). These prime dates give you the chance to get some really incredible outside pictures without the summer heat. Your ceremony can be outside too without the same concern about the excessive heat and humidity.

Lets start off with the biggest factor for all fall weddings....OSU Football. Even if you are not an OSU football fan, you should look at the OSU schedule if you are considering a fall wedding reception. The reason for this is that some football Saturday dates are more busy for wedding vendors than others.

By FAR the most popular dates are those rare weekends in the fall when OSU does NOT play any games.  These 'bye weekends' are almost always among the busiest weekends for our company.

Looking at the 2019 and 2020 OSU football schedules you will see the bye weeks are as follows

October 12, 2019
November 2, 2019
October 3, 2020

These will be VERY busy weekends. We typically find ourselves turning away inquires for these dates. If you are wanting these dates you should try and book your wedding vendors as quickly as possible. 

Consider the home and away games during the football season.   As a rule of thumb, away football dates are more busier than home football dates. Buckeye Sounds almost always get more inquires for away games than home games, so we assume other Central Ohio wedding vendors have the same situation. 

The opponent is also a big factor.  Generally if OSU is playing a lesser opponent, there will be more wedding inquires.  Why is that the case? A lesser opponent means there is a better chance of having an early kickoff (noon or 3PM) which won’t interfere with an evening reception. 

Taking a (VERY EARLY) look at the 2019 and 2020 schedules, a few dates stand out to us because of the opponents.

For 2019 you have September 7, 2019 and September 21, 2019 with likely earlier kickoffs. The November 16th game against Rutgers will probably be an early kickoff too.

In 2020, you have almost the entire month of September falling into this catagory! September 5th, 19th and 26th you should have early kickoff times. Only on September 12th do you get an away game - but that will probably be in the evening. And then the following Saturday - October 3, 2020 you have the bye week!

You might be wondering why prom season might impact your date. Prom season is usually mid April - mid May. Many DJ companies (like Buckeye Sounds) also work school dances.  So those dates are already much busier for us. While high school homecoming dances almost always take place at the school, proms are held in venues. Lastly, the proms will take A LOT of the limos in the area. So if your wedding date falls into this time, make sure you book your limo (and your DJ) as soon as possible.

The two big holiday weekends are Memorial Day and Labor Day. We get multiple inquires for both the Saturdays and Sundays of these two weekends. 

The interest in these dates is easy to see. These are the weekends when many people may have off on Monday, so these long weekends are the perfect time to travel and celebrate.  

Memorial Day: May 27, 2019 / May 25, 2020
Labor Day: September 2, 2019 / September 7, 2020

One of the only downsides to these weekends is that travel during these times can be a hassle and expensive.  The sooner that you can inform your guests of you having these dates the sooner they can make their reservations. 


There are two very large conventions in Columbus every year.  These conventions can take up a lot of hotel rooms.  You have the Arnold Classic which is held in early March at the convention center in downtown. Then you have the American Quarter Horse Congress which happens in late October at the Ohio Fairgrounds. 

Buckeye Sounds hope you find this information helpful as we know that wedding planning can be difficult at times.